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Rudra Swahakar

Rudraswahakar (Yaggyamandap)

Rudra Swahakar Puja at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik - Pandit Rakesh Shukla

For getting rid of all the adversities, for getting rid of all the ailments & bring blessed for longevity, for acquiring knowledge, for fulfilling all the wishes, for getting blessed by lord Shiva; “Rudra Swahakar puja” is an effective , tried and tested ritual.

At the onset/at first, in Rudraswahakar after establishing navapith, prime resolution is done.

At the beginning, after worshiping Lord Ganesha Punyahavachan, Matrukapoojan, Aayushyamantra Jap, Nandishraaddha, Aacharyadivaran, Digrakshanam, Panchagavyakaran, Bhoomipoojan is performed and Brahmdivastu mandal is established. Establish Sarvatobhadra mandal consisting of 56 deities. After establishing Kshetrapal mandal of 51 deities, Dwadashalingatobhadra mandal which is considered as prime mandal is established. Set up the shivayantra on it. We are providing you all the information regarding Dwadashalingatobhadra mandal & its 100 deities.

After establishing this Dwadashalingatobhadra mandal of 100 deities, set up a pradhan kalash on it &establish the idols of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Yantra, and Kuldevata along with a silver idol of lord Shiva. Then after ablution with panchamrut these idols is carried out. Lord Shiva is offered by 121 recurrences of Rudra with the help of water or milk. Carry out Shodshopacharpoojan. Perform Aavaran poojan along with Shivang poojan. Bilva is offered.After establishing Agni, set up the Navagraha madal of 44 deities. Lastly rudrapoojan is performed. After doing Agnisanskar worship Bramhapeeth & then start the Havana.

Havana – In the beginning Ganesh Havana is done and then Navagraha mandal Havana (8-4-2-1) in this order is done. Then after a Havana of 11 recurrences of Atharvasheersha is performed. After this Havana of established mandal deities along with Peethdevata & Yantradevata is performed. After performing googule Homa, Sarshap Homa & Lakshmi Homa Uttarang poojan of established deities is carried out. Offer Swishtkrut to Agni. Perform the Baleepoojan of all ten directions along with established mandal Devta. After performing Kshetrapal poojan lastly Maha aahuti i.e. Purnahooti of Yaag is rendered. An offering of left over Ghee is performed. Bhasmadharan Sanstravprashan is performed followed by Brahmpoojan. Shreyadaan is offered to host & coronation is performed with water from sthapit kalash (established pitches).

Rudra Swahakar puja | Rudra Swahakar puja in trimbakeshwar

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