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Navchandi Yagna

Navchandi Puja at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik - Pandit Rakesh Shukla

Navchandi Puja is a Nav Durga puja. This puja is performed to make wishes come true and also for health, wealth, strength, prosperity, success and many other reasons in the life. All the sufferings are removed by performing this Nav Chandi Yagna. This Yagna remove enemy and bad planetary effects. By devoting this yagna man can get every success of life. Devote is blessed by Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Nav Grah and Nav durga (Devi),

After Grih Pravesh Vastu pooja is performed for vastu Bhagvan in the house before the actual entry into the house. To protect family from devils and purify land and house Vastu Puja is performed. Owner of the house with his wife perform this pooja.

Vastu shanti worshipped with havan to remove all obstacles. A havan is performed to remove malefic effect of the stars and to create a peaceful, powerful and healthy environment. Once all the Navchandi Puja at Trimbakeshwar are concluded the priest will offer final pooja for vastu sthapna in earth. Vastu Bhagvan will protect family from negative vibration from the earth.

The Significance or benefits of a Chandi Homam (Havan) are immense:

Navchandi Puja | Navchandi Puja at trimbakeshwar

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